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Thank you for sending us your comment about the April 2015 Issue of Revista 400.


Thank you for sending me your pleasant delivery of the month of April of su Revista 400... 

And thank you... thank you very much because. It made me remember the years of my primary school when at that time the beautiful corrido "the Flower Fair" was in fashion, one of whose tunes ..

"I'm on my way to Aguascalientes... to the San Marcos Fair... to see what happens there..." 

The march "Zacatecas" and "Guadalajara, Guadalajara..."   also spring up in my mind...


A big hug and cordial greetings from Honduras. ..


Fabio A. Carías.


A good number, perhaps what is missing is the simple handling to access the pages, I do not know if it was my machine but I had a lot of difficulty with it. Greetings. 
Pinos Nigro  (via email)


He was super dad.
César Esparza Muñoz           Aguascalientes


 She was amazing, congratulations for the work. Thanks for taking me into consideration.
Ernesto Macías           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    Aguascalientes


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