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Every September 21, the International Day of Peace is celebrated.


The theme of this year's celebration is " Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All ", in order to highlight the importance of all social groups working together to achieve peace. 

Education for peace  

It is the process of acquiring the knowledge, as well as the attitudes, skills and behaviors necessary to achieve the -136bad5cf58d_paz, entendida como vivir en armonía con uno mismo, los demás_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_and environment.

We invite you to participate. How?

- Upload your photo posing with a sign with any of the phrases:

    * Work for a peaceful Zacatecas

    *  Me comprometo a ser Tolerante

    *  Equality and Justice for Peace

    *  Las Alianzas por la Paz

    *  My voice together with yours for Peace

    *  Educating for Peace


      Subela a redes sociales con el  hashtag #AlianzaporlaPaz y tu ciudad, por ejemplo #Zacatecas


- You can send us your message for peace on video, to the page on FB


- Commit to a personal action that promotes peace,

    for example:  "For a month I will not insult"; "I will promote equality and justice in my immediate environment."

    Share your personal commitment through social networks #AlianzaporlaPaz #MiCompromisoporlaPaz or send it to so that it can be published on this site in the section of testimonials





I would not hesitate.

rosary flowers


Adolfo Yañez

Adolfo Yañez


Alianzas por la Paz Zacatecas

Alianzas por la Paz Zacatecas

Adolfo Yañez, Sandra Mendoza Barrera, Sarai de la Torre

Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza

#AlianzaporlaPaz ONG Por la Tierra Xlatierra

Alianza por la Paz

Alianza por la Paz

Catalino Martínez, Adolfo Yañez, Sandra Mendoza Barrera, Sarai de la Torre

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