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Some of the editorial standards of Revista 400.

Lineamientos básicos

Revista 400

  • Algunos de los textos son enviados al consejo editorial y otros son pluma invitada.

  • Se dará preferencia a textos originales (no hayan sido publicados previamente en medios impresos o electrónicos).

  • La extensión es de una a tres cuartillas, el consejo editorial determinará las necesidades de cada edición.

  • Los textos se desarrollarán sobres aspectos económicos, sociales, culturales, políticos y ecológicos.

  • Por favor evitar los pies de página, las fuentes bibliográficas serán sólo para el conocimiento del consejo editorial.

Basic guidelines, Magazine 400

  1. Some of the texts are sent to the editorial board and others are guest pens.

  2. Preference will be given to original texts (not previously published in print or electronic media).

  3. The extension is from one to three pages, the editorial board will determine the needs of each edition.

  4. The texts will be developed on economic, social, cultural, political and ecological aspects.

  5. Please avoid footnotes, the bibliographic sources will be only for the knowledge of the editorial board.

  6. Photographs must be free of copyright or with permission to use, they must be a minimum size of 300dpi to guarantee quality when published.

  7. The topics must be harmonious with the universal ethical values of the Earth Charter and the mission and vision of Revista 400 on Sustainable Development. 

  8. The material will be sent to the email

  9. For those who will participate with a text for the first time: please send your resume.

  10. The editorial board or the general director of Revista 400 will decide which original text will be published.

  11. The editors will make the necessary corrections to the texts in order to match them with the values, vision of 400 and the needs of each number.

  12. The journal may publish, in physical and/or electronic formats, including the Internet, the articles, for which the authors will assign the copyright.

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