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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.


Carlos López de Aranda   Padre Gandhi Aguascalientes  Zacatecas  #PromuevoLaTransparencia

Cover of the MAY 2015 Issue


Magazine 400, May 2015 issue. Articles: Jorge Arteaga Plascencia "Innovation and Entrepreneurship";

Carbon Bonds Market;

Cash Flow: ESR;

Freedom of the press;

Biological Diversity; Speleology;

Children and the Environment: Reuse, plate decoration;

Exhibition "Mexican Volcanoes" with Debóra Lewinson;

Mother's Day;

Healthy Recipe: Shrimp and spinach salad by chef Hugo Soto Carrillo; Natural medicine.

Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista



Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

May 3 was proclaimed as World Press Freedom Day in 1993, by the United Nations General Assembly, following the recommendation of the General Conference of la UNESCO.


The date was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration, in which African media representatives participating in a seminar organized by UNESCO in the Namibian capital produced a document where the principles of freedom of the press were collected.


 Revista 400 @400revista

George Arteaga:

Innovation and entrepreneurship




Aguascalientes, Ags.

 Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Aguascalientes @400revista

"Movies that 

every entrepreneur

Must see"





Eva Guzmán #Revista400 #DesarrolloSustentable  Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista
Revista 400 @400revista Empresa Socialmente Responsable #ESR #pymes #Aguascalientes #Zacatecas
Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista








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