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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.

Cover of the AUGUST 2015 Issue


400 Magazine August 2015. Monthly digital publication with sustainable development issues. Articles: "The Children of Exile" author Hemany; "Native Indigenous Culture: Brazil" author Emerson Pantaleo Caparell; Pachamama; Skydiving; How to Make Coconut Milk?; "Let's Break Myths" author Francisco Nungaray Benitez; Is kissing healthy?; The General Policies in the Company (Socially Responsible Company); Lamp that works with water and salt; "How to Instill the Value of Honesty in Children?"; Bladeless wind turbines; Clay Balls with Seeds to Reforest; Natural medicine; Gallery.

 Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Memory of the Slave Trade 

and its abolition


new forms of slavery

Trafficking in human beings is generally defined as "the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons, by threat of or recourse to force or other forms of coercion, by abduction, fraud, abuse of authority or a position of vulnerability, or by the offer or acceptance of payments or advantages to obtain the consent of a person who has authority over another for the purpose of exploitation." 

 Revista 400 @400revista Hemany

"The Children of Exile "







However, there is another reality, there are other "children of exile" who have not had the same luck and who do not even know each other.


At the end of the 19th century, when sheep ranches were favored in Patagonia, a blind eye was turned to the indiscriminate killings of the natives, the survivors were deported or exiled, or the reader seeks an adequate term, to understand that they were taken from their homeland. earth 


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PROESPA Aguascalientes Carlos Martín Clemente @400revista



Carlos Martin Clemente

attorney PROESPA



Interview, answered questions from readers and collaborators of Revista 400.

(2nd part)



Océanos y mares Revista 400

"Indigenous Culture

Native: Brazil"


Emerson Pataleo Caparel



Spirituality, Power Animal.


Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Aguascalientes

"General Policies en 

the company"




What are they? Know your benefits and requirements.

Micro Granjas Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Zacatecas

"Kissing is Healthy "




We share some of those benefits with you. Let's see if you convince yourself to kiss more!

Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable Playa

"How to Instill Honesty

in childhood? "


Section: Children and Environment

Vigilancia Mundial de Pesca

Kepler 452B

Earth-Like Planet"



It is the smallest planet yet discovered orbiting in the habitable zone of a star like our sun. 


#Revista400 #DesarrolloSustentable

"Fukuoka Technique:

Clay balls with

seeds "


Less invasive technique

Rompamos Mitos. Revista 400








"Let's break myths: "


Francisco Gerardo Nungaray Benitez



Good brand disposable batteries work again if you put them in the sun and you can do it countless times. 


Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable  #Aguascalientes

"Wind turbine 

Without blades "


Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable

"How to make Coconut Milk "


Section: Healthy Recipes


 Revista 400 Remedios Naturales

"Natural Remedies "


Section "Natural Remedies"

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