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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.

JULY 2015 Issue Cover


400 Magazine July 2015. Monthly digital publication with sustainable development issues. Articles: World Fisheries Watch; The Decline of the Bees; The Oceans and the Seas; Nelson Mandela; Bolivian claim against Chile for sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean; “Oceans of Human Irresponsibility” by Dr. Marco Sommer; Children and the Environment: Beach Vacations: Advice; Healthy Recipe: Tuna Burgers; "Social Responsibility in the Company" by Lic. Ernesto Vázquez Reyes.

Renewable Energy student projects (UTZAC): Micro Farms for Vegetables and Chickens by Diana Esquivel Durón, Fernando Saltijeral and Victor Rodríguez Espinoza.

Micro Farms for Vegetables and Fish by Alán Martinez Bonilla, Sinai Zamudio and Anibal Martinez Bañuelos.

 Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista





South Africa celebrated last month the 20th anniversary of its victory in the rugby world cup final, which was also, thanks to Nelson Mandela, the first moment of national joy in the history of a country divided by racism.

 Revista 400 @400revista  Marcos Sommer

"Oceans Irresponsibility

human "


Dr. Marcos Sommer




Mexico City.


The environmental agenda has undergone an enormous transformation in the last 45 years. Since the 70's, the impact generated by man's activities on our planet has been questioned; Since the industrial revolution, the economies of the world began to generate enormous wealth and industrial processes were accompanied by science and technology that transformed the face of the earth.


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PROESPA Aguascalientes Carlos Martín Clemente @400revista



Carlos Martin Clemente

attorney PROESPA



Interview, answered questions from readers and collaborators of Revista 400.



Océanos y mares Revista 400

"The Oceans and the Seas"


Biologist Adrian Juarez Veliz


What is the difference between oceans and seas?

What are tides and waves?


Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Aguascalientes

"Social Responsibility en 

the company"


Mr. Ernesto Reyes Reyes


Does being a Socially Responsible Company give you a competitive advantage?

Micro Granjas Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Zacatecas

"Micro Farms for

Vegetables and Chickens

with Renewable Energies "


Diana Patricia Esquivel Duron

Fernando Saltijeral Rojas

Victor Hugo Rodriguez Espinoza


Projects for rural and urban areas.

Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable Playa

"Vacation in the

Beach: Tips"


Section: Children and Environment

Vigilancia Mundial de Pesca

"World Surveillance

 Fishing: Web Tool"



World Fisheries Watch will reveal the intensity of fishing effort around the world, one of the stressors contributing to the precipitous decline of our fisheries.



#Revista400 #DesarrolloSustentable

"rowing "


Section: Sport and Nature

Declive población mundial de las abejas Revista 400








"Population Decline

World of Bees"


Karla Hernandez Rios

The decline of bees is due to factors such as climate change, pollution and pesticides.


Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable  #Aguascalientes

"Bolivian demand

against Chile for access

to the Pacific Ocean"


Lic. Leticia Quintana Romero 

Revista 400 #DesarrolloSustentable


of tuna"


Section: Healthy Recipes


 Revista 400 Remedios Naturales

"Natural Remedies "


Section "Natural Remedies"

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