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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.


Carlos López de Aranda   Padre Gandhi Aguascalientes  Zacatecas  #PromuevoLaTransparencia

February 2015 Issue Cover


Magazine 400 issue of February 2015.

Articles: Magazine 400 issue of March 2015. Invited pens: - Where are we going? by Felipe González González, (Aguascalientes); - “Acceptance of Disability” by Lic. Liliana P. Ortiz Lozano, (Aguascalientes); - "Tourism as a Factor of Economic Development" by Carlos G. López Aranda Ramírez, (Zacatecas) - "Accessibility Includes You" by Dr. Arq. Gerardo Araiza Garaygordobil, (Aguascalientes); - “Spine Hygiene” by Dr. Almira Rosa Estrada Robledo; “Empowerment of Women, Empowerment of Humanity”;  We thank Senator Maki Esther Ortiz Domínguez and Senator Silvia Guadalupe Garza Galván for their respective collaborations; Healthy Recipe: Panque Cuatro Tiempos by Hugo Enrique Soto Carrillo, Executive Chef (Zacatecas). 

Carta de la Tierra Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Note: Exhibition "Women who have made history" 

by Deborah Lewinson


Call to participate in the exhibition to be held on June 7.


Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Article:   Where Are We Going?

by Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez


Don Felipe González González, to whom we doff our hats in recognition of his political and business career.  Through his article, he gives us an x-ray of the current situation in Mexico on issues such as insecurity , corruption and politics.


 Revista 400 @400revista senadora Maki Esther Ortiz Dominguez y Senadora Silvia Garza Galván

"Women Empowerment"

International Women's Day



In this edition we join, through a special section, the commemoration of International Women's Day whose 2015 motto is "Empowerment of Women, Empowerment of Humanity";  We thank Senator Maki Esther Ortiz Domínguez and Senator Silvia Guadalupe Garza Galván for their respective collaborations.

Carlos López Aranda Ramírez Zacatecas @400revista

"Tourism as a Factor of Economic Development" by Carlos López Aranda Ramírez


"To talk about tourism is to refer to one of the most important issues for Mexico and many other countries, whose economy is based on this important engine of economic development."




Liliana Ortiz Lozano Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Aguascalientes @400revista

"Acceptance of Disability"

by Lic. Liliana Ortiz Lozano


Liliana shares with us, with her heart in her hand, part of her life experience as the mother of Gerardito (one of quadruplets) who has West Syndrome (with Severe Brain Injury); carries a message of support, love and perseverance as well as acceptance of disability.




Sandra Mendoza Barrera #Revista400 #DesarrolloSustentable  Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

"Ethical Values in Sustainable Development"

by Sandra Mendoza B.


Ethics implies a universal common good, if each person is part of a single humanity we can determine a minimum base of a universal ethics independent of beliefs, customs, religion, race, gender, etc.


I want to see a country where, at least, everyone is responsible for themselves and their actions and is honest.



Receta Saludable: Budín de Mandarina Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400
Revista 400 @400revista Empresa Socialmente Responsable #ESR #pymes #Aguascalientes #Zacatecas

Does your company respond to the demand in ecological issues?


Every day the percentage of customers who prefer to purchase an environmentally friendly service or product increases.


All lines of business are related to the environment because they all use resources and all generate, to a greater or lesser degree, an impact on biodiversity.

Sección: #NiñezyMedioAmbiente Agua Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista
Gerardo Araiza #accesibilidad Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400
Higiene de la Columna #AlmiraEstrada Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400 #DeporteyNaturaleza

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