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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.
Revista 400 Zacatecas


Magazine 400 Number de Septiembre, edition dedicated to the State of Zacatecas.


Articles: Ethical Values and Mother Earth: Father Salinas Castañeda. The Best Palliative: Mara Muñoz. Zacatecas, Cultural Destination par Excellence: Gustavo Salinas. Interview with Alejandro Tello, Senator of the Republic. The Magic Committee: Corpus Towers. Interview with Miguel Alonso Reyes, Governor of the State of Zacatecas. Geometry and Humanism with Enrique Carbajal "Sebastián". The Zacatecas Field and Climate Change: Enrique Flores Mendoza, Secretary of SECAMPO. Delphi Cableados: Small Waste Generator, ESR. Education in Zacatecas: Marco Vinicio Flores, Secretary of Education of Zacatecas. AIDS and the Global Health System: Antonio Sánchez. Values: Jorge de Jesus Glison. Dialogue in Red with Green Consciousness: Manuel Rivera.

 Zacatecas Jorge Alonso Caballero @400revista


by Jorge Alonso Caballero


... Located in an enviable geographical position, which makes it a true axis of national communication routes, the state is also enrolled in projects such as the Northern Economic Corridor, which connects Pacific ports such as Mazatlán and Fresnillo, with that of Altamira in the Gulf of Mexico, a road that joins the Asian market with that of North America...


 Revista 400 @400revista Enrique Carbajal Escultor Sebastian

"Geometry and Humanism with

Enrique Carbajal (sculptor Sebastian) "




Interview by Sandra Mendoza Barrera



If you could design the world your granddaughter will live in, what would it be like?


I would like to see, think and believe in an absolutely clean and healthy world, but a bit of the counterpoint of understanding and understanding that evil exists is also necessary, if it did not exist it would be very boring, but I see a world...


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Miguel Alonso Reyes @400revista

Miguel Alonzo Reyes



Interview, answered questions from readers

and collaborators of Revista 400.





Revista 400 Padre Humberto Salinas Castañeda

"Ethical Values and

Mother Earth "

By: Father Humberto Salinas Castañeda


Section: Children and Environment

Valores por Glison Revista 400 Zacatecas

"Values "

By: Jorge de Jesus Glison


As this issue of the Magazine is dedicated to the State of Zacatecas, to which I am directly linked by blood on my mother's side, my best offering would be to enhance the figure of one of the most illustrious and universal Zacatecans,

Manuel Rivera Revista 400  Zacatecas

"Dialogue in Red

with the Green Consciousness "

BY: Manuel Rivera



... - Are you going to write about me, about my existence of contrasts in which for four years I peacefully enjoy the countryside and the last minutes of my life I transfer that enjoyment to the ring, to continue enjoying the fierce fight for which I was born?...


Revista 400 Zacatecas Marco Vinicio Flores

"Education in Zacatecas"

Marco Vinicio Flowers


Headline of SEDUZAC


Revista 400 Miguel Angel Quezada

Tilapia stuffed with xoconostle bathed in guava wedding roast with caloro chili stuffed with malpaso chorizo, aged cheese flamed with mezcal and tilapia stuffed potato in walnut sauce, chef Miguel Ángel Quezada  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Section: Healthy Recipes


Pablo Torres Corpus  Revista 400
Gustavo Salinas Iñiguez. Revista 400 Zacatecas








"The Magic Committee"

BY:  Pablo Torres Corpus



... Due to the breadth of the program it is impossible to mention all its particularities in this participation, therefore I will only try to clarify the most popular myths about el Comité Pueblo Mágico...




Cultural Destination par Excellence "


Mr. Gustavo Salinas Iñiguez




Revista 400 Zacatecas Alejandro Tello

Alejandro Tello Cristerna

State Senator

of Zacatecas "


Social transformation in Zacatecas:

Negative, I think it has been deteriorating, society has been transforming, the above from my point of view, I am a man who grew up in a society that experienced other conditions, principles and values; today I see an increasingly loose society, I would say that it is demeriting itself.


 Revista 400 Juan Carlos Enriquez

Juan Carlos Enriquez

Zacatecan soccer player


Section "Sport and Nature"

Revista 400 Zacatecas Mara Muñoz Galvan

"The best


By: Mara Muñoz Galván


Revista 400 Zacatecas Enrique Flores Mendoza

"The Zacatecan Field:

Enrique Flores, 

holder of SECAMPO"


... This year we managed to plant 56,000 hectares of butter barley in contract farming so that 4,000 producers sell directly to the industry at a pre-established price, all of this implies a public incentive of more than 80 million pesos to support at no cost to the producer with certified seed with technical support...


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Revista 400 Zacatecas Heladio Verver y Vargas


its Migrants Empowerment and Success "

By: Heladio Verver and Vargas


...We can see that Zacatecas is one of the states with the highest intensity of migration and with the oldest constant flows that are still in force today...


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