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400 Magazine

monthly publication with the theme of sustainable development
from the economic, social, cultural, political, ecological.
Carlos López de Aranda   Padre Gandhi Aguascalientes  Zacatecas  #PromuevoLaTransparencia
Gestión Ambiental para Empresas Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista
Damián de la Rosa  Revista 400 @400revista

January 2015 Issue Cover


Magazine 400 January 2015 issue. Earth Charter Initiative; collaboration of Damián de la Rosa; The Holocaust; Childhood and Environment; Environmental management; Campaign #PromoteTransparency; The antartida; Heiaheia web platform; Natural medicine; Environmental news. Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Jalisco.

Article: Environmental Management for Companies


Benefits for companies

* Allows you to comply with the requirements of current environmental regulations.

* They can benefit from federal and local government programs, which give tax incentives to companies with actions that reduce their environmental impact.

*  Efficiency in its production processes.

* Advantages over its competitors in new markets. Trade barriers are eliminated: large buyers, foreign trade.

Damien of the Rose

Artist, writer and painter



In general terms it does not exist, we are conditioned by interests that manipulate the human being, we can seek freedom but as humans we can hardly find it, it is a constant struggle to be as free as possible (to be what I want to be).

It can be said that absolute freedom is obtained when you are what you want but with transcendence of the spirit (full realization of the person and the spirit), it is to be a person of integrity.


Carta de la Tierra Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Alicia Jimenez

Member of the Earth Charter International


I believe that governments should be more ambitious to make a change in strategies and policies hand in hand with society, they should learn the process of creating the TC, when we all get involved the result is better and generates citizen participation; it is time to opt for a governance model with the voice of citizens with a win-win vision.


It represents a moral commitment, being convinced of the actions and values, actions without an ethical foundation remain empty, it is an ethical commitment and action.


Gestión Ambiental para Empresas Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Section: Children and Environment



Revista 400 and the NGO Por la Tierra joined the commemoration of the International Day Against Corruption (December 9) demonstrating in favor of transparency, social and economic justice, ethical values and sustainable development.


Both launch the #PromomuevolaTransparencia campaign to which Coparmex Aguascalientes has joined through Jaime Durán Padilla, Coparmex Jalisco, Coparmex Zacatecas, the Panteras de Aguascalientes (professional basketball team), Carlos Alberto García Zavala (Father Gandhi), among others.

The photographs were taken in the city of Aguascalientes and Zacatecas in just two days and others were sent from Guadalajara, Culiacán, Monterrey.


Send your picture!

(name and city) email:   Twitter: #PromomuevoLaTransparencia


La honetidad Revista 400 Desarrollo Sustentable  Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

The Value of Honesty


To break the chain of shame and lies, it will be important to learn to anticipate what will make us feel guilty in the future and avoid it. Because we are always competing and comparing ourselves with others, any deficiency can be easily overcome with a quick creative lie. If you stop competing with others and give yourself the respect you deserve, you won't have the need to lie to make yourself feel better.


Speak from the heart, tell them the truth and don't worry about looking good or "bad". People respect honesty, even if the truth is uncomfortable.


An honest person is sincere not only in his words but also in his body language, transmits truth in his eyes. 






Thank you for participating in our #PromoteTransparency campaign!


Send your photo to the email:


And you, do you give bribe?

And you, do you promote transparency?

And you, are you dishonest?

And you, do you give mochada?

And you, fight against corruption?

I #PromoteTransparency


Cop 20; #Revista400 #DesarrolloSustentable  Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

Article: COP20


The XX Conference of the Parties (COP20) on Climate Change of the United Nations was held from December 1 to 14 in Lima, Peru  in the presence of  more than 15 thousand people from the 194 economies of the world.


The signing of the ten commitments for sustainable fishing by the government and the businessmen of the sector and the multisectoral pact to combat the illegal trade of forest resources were achieved. The goal is that in 2021 the wood produced at the national level is only of legal origin. 


Recordación del Holocausto Revista 400 @400revista

international day of

Holocaust Remembrance


UNESCO recognizes that teaching about the history of the Holocaust is fundamental to establishing respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the values of tolerance and mutual respect.


UN Member States are encouraged to develop educational programs that transmit the memory of the Holocaust to future generations in order to prevent acts of genocide. 


Sección: Deporte y Naturaleza; Heia Heia Zacatecas Aguascalientes Jaliisco @400revista

hey hey

Section: Sport and Nature


It is a Health 2.0 service. released in Finland. It is a free web application for individuals that helps to record the physical activities carried out, has more than 400 activities and sports, and allows you to keep a log of physical training.


If you have the purpose of the year to practice sports, this tool will be very useful since it allows you to set the objectives as a minimum of weekly hours of training.




Receta Saludable: Budín de Mandarina Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400
Remedio Natural Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400
Editorial Revista 400 @400revista  #Revista400
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