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Issues published in 2014. 400 Magazine

For future generations .
January 2014 Issue. Special First Anniversary Edition.


* “Testimony of a hunter” Interview: anonymous hunter;

* “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Interview with Anna Goycoolea Artis, Director of Regional and Municipal Development of the General Directorate of Popular Cultures of CONACULTA;

* “How do you take the principles and values to the company?” Interview with Ing. José Lázaro Tamez Guerra, National President of the Social Union of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (USEM);

* “Meeting the writer, journalist and professor: René Avilés Fabila” Interview;

* News;

Childhood and Environment;

* Special Section for the First Anniversary: Comments and photographs posing with our magazine;

* Sport and Nature: Marathon;

* Healthy Recipe: Spinach with raisins and pine nuts

* Natural Remedy;

eco entertainment; Calendar; Gallery: Photography by Georgina González.

February 2014 issue.



  • Cancer Disease and the Environment;

  • Earth Charter: Construction of a Just, Peaceful and Sustainable Society;

  • World Seed Warehouse;

  • Los Humedales, special participation of CONANP;

  • An Economic and Ecological Vision. Interview with Jaime Durán Padilla, President of Coparmex Aguascalientes;

  • World Wetlands Day;

  • Childhood and Environment: the value of friendship;

  • Rowing in couple (Sport and Nature);

  • Healthy Recipe: Blueberry, lemon and chia pancakes;

  • Natural Remedy;

  • eco entertainment;

  • Calendar; Gallery; News. 

March 2014 issue.



- Entrevista "Plantas Medicinales en el Nevado de         Toluca";

- Entrevista a Ramiro Torres, director de la Escuela        Normal Manuel Ávila Camacho, Zacatecas.

- Entrevista a Heriberto Vara, presidente de         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           CANACINTRA Aguascalientes .

- Consumo Hídrico Per se en Aguascalientes.-         _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    Parámetros de Diseño Accesible y Manual de    Aplicación para la Vivienda de Interés en           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    Aguascalientes.

- Earth Hour.

- 400 travel magazine: Conaculta.

- Healthy Recipe: Spinach with raisins and pine nuts.

- Natural medicine.

- Sport and Nature "Trekking"

April Issue 2014.



Magazine 400 April 2014.

Interview "Business of Innovation", Miguel Chávez Lomelí.

Interview "E Color of the Sound of Geometry", Diego Montoya.

Interview "Artisan Development in the State of Zacatecas", Milagros Hernández.

Article "Planetary Squaring: April 22".

Article "Mother Earth. My Holistic Vision".


Childhood and Environment.

Healthy recipe.

Natural medicine.

May issue 2014.



Magazine 400 May 2014.

Section "Socially Responsible Company" interviews Lilia López Muñoz (Ags);

Article on World Biodiversity Day;

Article "Management of Ecosystems and Biodiversity" by Joaquín Sosa Ramírez (Ags);

Road Running (Mty);

400 travel in Zacatecas;

Healthy recipe,

Natural medicine;

Article on Pro-Energy that is Life AC;


Ecological gifts for mom.

Article "Ethics and the Public Servant"

JUNE 2014 issue.



 §  Special section for World Environment Day (collaborations and comments: Conafor, Senate, etc.);


§  “Political Vision: Doctrine and Thesis”; Interview with Arturo López de Lara, political leader (Zacatecas);

§  Article "Oceans: our duty to protect them" by Sommer (Germany);


§  “Social Responsibility: Coparmex Jalisco”; Entrevista a José Medina Mora Icaza, presidente de Coparmex Jalisco.    _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ 


§  Article "Biological corridors: spaces for mitigation and adaptation to climate change" by Niñez y Medio Ambiente:

§  “Ecological Furniture” COBAEZ students, Miguel Auza campus, Zacatecas.

§  Poems to Old Age; reflection;

§  “Intelligent and Sustainable Agriculture” by Jorge Berni, Aguascalientes.


§  Sport and Nature: Beach Volleyball 

§  Receta Saludable: Tinga de Zanahoria y Nopal   _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

§  Remedios Naturales

§  Gallery

JULY 2014 issue.



July edition of the magazine 400 specialized in sustainable development issues.

Interview with Xavier García de Quevedo, president of Minera México;

Daniel Torres, plastic artist "Art with the 3 R's" (Zacatecas);

Article on the case of the Guadiana park in Durango "Rights and wrongs" (Durango);


We launched the "Dialogues and Conversations" section with Miguel Alonso Reyes, Arturo Macías "El Cejas", Martin Orozco Sandoval, Coparmex Zacatecas, Armando Perales;


Socially Responsible Companies in the World;

Comprehensive Management of Infectious Biological Waste; Ecological activities for children.


§  Sport and Nature: Body Care

§  Healthy Recipe: Black Bean and Plantain Empanadas 

§  Remedios Naturales

§  Gallery

AUGUST 2014 issue.



August edition of the magazine 400 specialized in sustainable development issues.


Interview with the president of the Association of Civil Engineers of Ags;

Zacatecan visual artist, Ignacio Vera Ponce: "El Maiz para el Arte";


Article the sixth extinction of species on Earth;


In the "Dialogues and Conversations" section with Senator Benjamin Robles, car driver Pepe Montaño;


Article "Pachamama"; 


Article "Values and Principles for children" by Pbro Eduardo Corral Merino


§  Sport and Nature:  "Climbing" article by Guillermo Macias

§  Healthy Recipe: Zucchini.


§  Remedios Naturales

§  Gallery

Issue of SEPTEMBER 2014.



September edition of the magazine 400 specialized in sustainable development issues.



* September 10 "World Suicide Prevention Day"

Nearly a million people commit suicide each year, giving a "global" mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds.


* Socially Responsible Company Section:
"The Ethics of the Owner is Reflected in his Company" 

The employer is responsible for providing the tools and skills so that their employees can be and achieve what they want .


* FOREIGN RELATIONS: Functions and Actions

Interview with Elsa Amabel Landín Olivares, delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Aguascalientes. (Questions raised by 400 readers and contributors).


*"Spills: tailings dams en Durango".


* Interview with Gisela Ponce, racing driver (Aguascalientes).



Issue of OCTOBER 2014.



October edition of the magazine 400 specialized in sustainable development issues.


 Interview with

* Juan Pablo Castañón, national president of Coparmex;


*Arturo Saldivar Romo, bullfighter;


* Julieta Medina Briones, director of the Zacatecano Museum;


* Patricia Saracho, rector of Universidad El Retoño.


* Collaboration of Víctor Manuel de Santiago, Mexican migrant living in the United States;


* articles on: environmental education for children; poverty eradication;


* Mexticacán, Jal., and its religious tradition.

NOVEMBER 2014 issue.



November edition of the magazine 400 specialized in sustainable development issues.


 Interview with

* María Luisa Parada de Medrano, businesswoman in the tourism sector. Aguascalientes.


* Manuel Cortina Reynoso, Secretary General of the Aguascalientes City Council.


* Pepe Montaño, racing driver.


*Article on films to reflect on the Environment


* Article on Tolerance


* Article on Innovation

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